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23. House Special Soup
(Served 8 People)
24. Fish Maw with Crab Meat Soup (Pt)7.95 (Qt)15.95
25. Fish Maw with Cream Corn Soup (Pt)7.95 (Qt)15.95
26. Dried Scallop Soup (Pt)7.95 (Qt)15.95
27. Wor Wonton Soup (Pt)6.95 (Qt)11.95
28. Three Flavor Sizzling Rice Soup (Pt)6.95 (Qt)11.95
29. Seafood Bean Curd Soup (Pt)6.95 (Qt)11.95
spicy30. Hot and Sour Soup (Pt)5.95 (Qt)10.95
31. West Lake Beef Soup (Pt)5.95 (Qt)10.95
32. Assorted Vegetables Soup (Pt)5.95 (Qt)10.95
33. Egg Flower Soup (Pt)5.95 (Qt)10.95
34. Seaweed and Bean Curd Soup (Pt)5.95 (Qt)10.95
35. Winter Melon Soup (Pt)5.95 (Qt)10.95
36. Minced Chicken Cream Corn Soup (Pt)5.95 (Qt)10.95