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Chef s Recommendation

42. House Special Baked Lobster with Cheese & Butter Sauce S/P
spicy43. Fish Steak with Szechuan Sauce 15.95
44. Sauteed Seafood in Basket 16.95
45. Eggplant Funglan Style 13.95
46. Egg Bean Curd with Enoki Mushroom and Dry Scallop 13.95
spicy47. Clam with Spicy Hong Kong Style 13.95
48. Beef Steak with Assorted Mushroom 15.95
49. Sauteed Fish Maw with Egg White and Bean Sprouts 15.95
50. Braised Fish Fillet with Three Ingredients 13.95
spicy51. Sauteed Lamb with Spicy Chili Pepper 15.95